The use of lasers for industrial engraving

Laser engraving in metal is most often used on an industrial scale to identify a product or batch of products in the form of a serial number, labeling, and DataMatrix codes. Extrusion in metal, however, also applies to microscopes of users who, in order to personalize or commemorate, give, advertise, need to create metal engravers. The metals suitable for engraving are stainless steel, aluminum, tempered metals, alloyed steels, high speed steels, titanium, brass, copper, precious metals, coated metals. Industrial engraving is mainly the use of lasers in the engineering department, the tool industry, the electronics industry, the electrical industry, in sheet metal processing, in the automotive industry, in medicine, and in jewelery. Thanks to advanced technology, laser engraving in industry brings real benefits, using high speed of marking, low cost of economic production, durability and precision of engravers. Wide possibilities of designing and accurate reproduction of imaginary markers, increase the level of accurate laser engraving.